Monday, September 21, 2009

BC - Fri, 9/18/09

Given her history and given the disastrous history of the roof on top of the Fusion building, why would the police let Annie go to the terrace to get some fresh air?

And why is the railing so low on the terrace? It only goes up to Annie's upper mid-thigh. It also doesn't reach the ledge, which can be clearly seen in the foreground. What's the point of putting a railing a foot or two back from edge of the roof? In fact, it is only a short (lengthwise) railing, at that. Then Annie sits ON the ledge. What is the purpose of it, other than to get in the way and CAUSE someone to trip over it? The railing doesn't even reach the end of the what couch behind them. And who the hell puts a WHITE couch up on a dirty rooftop?

Adam to Zach: "Unlike some men, I don't really feel like putting my woman on a leash." OH PUH-LEEZE! That's about the ONLY way he can hold onto one once they wise up!

How did Randi get the drop on "I-can-and-have-killed-a-man-with-my-bare-hands" Taylor? Or was that Madison's doing?

Robin "I'm guessing it's the latter" Coutellier

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