Thursday, September 24, 2009

BC - Mon, 9/21/09

Why would ANYONE tune in to watch that lame marathon? It's BORING. REALLY boring. The dancing is boring. The MC (Tad) is boring, even the titles they put on the screen (like the one about Zach & Liza being the "Sexiest Couple") are BORING. Watching people waiting to go through a turnstile in the subway would be more interesting.

Randi assaults Taylor to the point where Taylor is knocked unconscious. Randi's behavior is explained by saying she's a little stressed out and needs to eat. WTF??? Angie, Frankie and Jesse KNOW that Randi is hallucinating. No one thinks this is BEYOND the pale behavior for someone and that the situation might require something a little more helpful than cuddles, snacks and designer water (and didn't they already feed her once for a similar reason)? BTW, how did Taylor end up lying on the floor of a bathroom stall when she was standing over near the mirror area when Randi swung her purse at her).

After all that, Randi is raring to back out on the dance floor. Again, WTF? If I KNEW I was hallucinating, that ALONE would have me freaked out and had me desperately wanting to be home or at least away from other people. Know that I ASSAULTED someone while hallucinating would further freak me out, because I would DEVASTATED that I had done something like that to someone, not to mention a) worrying about the condition of the person and what they would think of me for doing that, b) worrying about being sued and/or arrested, and c) wondering what was going to happen next. Was I going to go apeshit crazy and not even remember it or remember things wrong? Was my head going to explode? Would I pass out or, at the very least, tell deep dark secrets since I wasn't thinking straight and wasn't as inhibited as usual? And then there's the matter of the possibility of losing control of bodily functions. If I can't believe what my eyes are telling me, can I believe that I DON'T have to pee or that I think I'm holding it and I'm NOT? I'm pretty sure that dancing and/or listlessly shuffling around really wouldn't be at the top of my list of things to do at that particular moment.

A former hooker who doesn't know how to do the twist? Yeah, RIGHT. And they WIN the Twist contest? That is just plain absurd.

And now Kendall is lurking in a doorway at Fusion because she saw Liza and Zach kissing on TV. OH PUH-LEEZE! Kendall DEFINITELY falls into the category of TOO STUPID TO LIVE. Who's watching Ian NOW? Oh, the neighbors. Kendall called them, pretending to be Rachel and having an emergency. Apparently "Rachel" couldn't hang around long enough for the neighbors to actually GET there before taking off.

Robin "And now Aidan's back to liven things up with his scintillating performances" Coutellier

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