Thursday, September 17, 2009

BC - Mon, 9/14/09

If Randi hasn't had her morning coffee yet, WTF is she doing in a bar? Oh wait, I guess she DOES work upstairs. Okay, I'll cut her some slack, THIS time. But will she go to work? Of course not.

My sister pointed out that Spike's speech pattern (when he told Kendall to come out and play) sounds a lot like someone who might be hearing impaired. I have to agree. I think that, at least THAT triplet, probably IS hearing impaired.

As for Kendall, I really think Zach should SERIOUSLY consider putting ankle restraints on her to keep her in her fucking room -- I doubt she spends more than a couple of minutes a day in it other than when she's sleeping, and she walks out to eavesdrop virtually EVERY time someone comes over. She's like a cat, except that cats have the potential to actually LEARN not to do something. Maybe Zach should start running the vacuum cleaner to make her skedaddle back to her room.

Kendall tells Spike he has to gone downstairs because Liza is going to lose his brother -- look how Liza keeps losing Spike! What a BITCH! As if Spike isn't traumatized enough by the events in his life, now he has to worry that Liza is going to lose his little brother, who had already disappeared from Spike's life for an extended period relatively recently.

Oh, I guess we can rule out EMMA shooting Stuart, unless she AND someone else fired shots, which is more than a little possible, of course.

Annie reassures Emma that what happened with the gun was just an accident, just like when Emma accidentally broke the Christmas Angel -- she didn't get in trouble because it was an accident. Well, maybe so, but Emma never gets into trouble ANYWAY. The most she ever gets is a 2-line lecture given with hugs and smiles and reassurances. That kid rarely, if EVER, hears the word "NO!"

Robin "is she going to grow up to be Amy Fisher?" Coutellier

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