Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BC - Mon, 12/13/10

Greenlee on Kendall's answering machine: "I feel like everything I do is wrong." You are absolutely correct. And?

Am I the only one who dislikes Greenlee's ruffly coat? Maybe they aren't ruffles, but shirring. All I know is that it reminds me of a dress that my friend had when we were in the fifth or sixth grade. It was yellow and had horizontal, tube-like rolls down the front of it. Kids teased her and called it her "toilet paper dress".

Cara really reminds me a little of the 2nd Raquel Dion Santos (Celi Ara) from back in 1999.

Well, that was a kind of breach of ettiquette. The nurse tells Madison that Dr. Kantor, THE OB/GYN, will be with you in a few minutes. Isn't that kind of like announcing that the doctor who will be telling you to slide down to the end of the table just before sticking a lubed speculum up your vagina will be with you in a few minutes? I think a simple "Dr. Kantor will be with you in a few minutes" would have been sufficient. It's a common waiting area, and not like she's in a women's clinic. Of course, considering the massive amount of HIPAA violations the hospital routinely commits, that's pretty small on the scale. It's rude, though.

Greenlee complains to David that she's still getting blamed for all of his bad behavior. Well, yeah, it IS a little fresh in people's minds, you self-centered TWIT.

Robin "a Christmas miracle would be for Ryan and Greenlee to go over a cliff (yet again) and STAY there" Coutellier


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that Madison is the SPITTING IMAGE of Ginger Rogers? Don't know if she can dance,'s almost like a reincarnation.

Robin Coutellier said...

I just looked up some photos of GR, and you are right -- Madison looks VERY much like her!