Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BC - Mon, 12/20/10

Marissa tells JAR that AJ is going to be very excited about his presents, a fort and a swingset. AJ is 6 years old and the child and grandchild of very rich people -- he doesn't already have a swingset? You'd think he'd have an entire playground on the grounds and dozens of forts. Maybe these are newer ones with superheroes stickers all over them.

If Spike is taking a nap, why is Kendall about to take a hammer/mallet to a table to try to put it together?

How long will it be before Ryan tries to get full custody of Spike because Kendall is sad, doesn't want him to come over unless it's to see Spike, and doesn't want Greenlee to come over to the house? There are a lot of things that are indications that Kendall is a loon, but not wanting Ryan and/or Greenlee in her own house is a 100% SANE line of thought.

OH PUH-LEEZE! David's wallet, complete with credit cards and cash, is located in a bedside drawer in his hospital room, even though he's in a coma and anyone at all can come into the room at any time (if the guard is still there, he's not visible). David's advocates clearly aren't protecting him from cash, credit or identity theft.

What kind of card does David have that starts with "Dr David"? Oh, a hospital security card of some kind. Wouldn't even a hospital card would most likely show him to be "David Hayward, MD", and possibly some other letters?

How many of you guffawed when the nurse mentioned HIPAA laws? HIPAA laws? At Pine Valley Hospital? Stop! Yer killin' me!

Ryan is hurting women left and right, yet he insists on intruding upon their pain and privacy as often as possible. First Kendall, then Madison. Zach just died on or about Thanksgiving. A long time ago I lost someone in early December, and that Christmas was HELL for me! I could hardly stand everyone else celebrating and singing songs like "Tis the season to be jolly". No it wasn't -- Twas the season to mourn, at least for ME. Grief takes time to ease. It's one thing to go over to the Slater house to see Spike, but he a) should call first, and b) should STFU and stop pressuring Kendall to forgive him and Greenlee! She's made it crystal clear that their presence, together or separately, HURTS her. She has her family to help her cope; she doesn't need Ryan or Greenlee forcing themselves on her time and again to demand her love and forgiveness. Then he butts in on Madison while she's having a beverage at ConFusion and tries to talk her out of leaving town. She has ALSO made it crystal clear that his mere presence HURTS her, but there he is, zooming in on her, yet again.

Why IS Madison at ConFusion having a beverage? If she can't stand to work at Fusion because of Greenlee and Ryan, why would she keep coming back to the ConFusion bar downstairs?

Robin "the cost of the drinks alone should be keeping her away" Coutellier

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