Friday, December 24, 2010

BC - Wed, 12/23/10

Kendall having mental problems at Christmastime (or any other time of the year, for that matter)? Say it isn't so!

Who will Father Clarence visit this year? We all know that Angie needs to miraculously regain her eyesight, but she also needs to have a late-in-life baby with jeopardy attached or at least some challenges. So will Angie go another year blind and catch Father Clarence during Christmas 2011. Will Kendall get some sort of healing visit from him this time? She seems to be the one who needs a miracle the most.

OMG, I just had an AWFUL thought! Is Kendall going to try to have grief sex with Father Clarence??? You know how she gets. OTOH, maybe he just sent the two new hunks (oops, at first I typed "hungs") her way so that she can have a selection.

I'm glad Madison at least protested that Greenlee COMPLETELY invaded her privacy by looking at her hospital records (after Greenlee had the gall to say "Might as well just be honest with me". Greenlee, of course, just shrugs it off by saying: "What's done is done," and then moving on to her own agenda. Madison should sue Greenlee's rich, self-entitled ass!

Jake says he just talked to the little boy's mom in the waiting area. WTF? I'm used to regulars just dropping their kids off at doctor appointments so that they can further their storylines by running into other people, but this is ridiculous. The mom is just sitting in the waiting room waiting for her child to trot out? Does PVH have a rule that parents are not ALLOWED to be in the exam room with children? If nothing else, the opportunity for the child to be abused in one manner or another is wide open. Parents in Pine Valley get an F.

Angie hired someone she's never met before on the spur of the moment because PVH was DESPERATE for more doctors. Amanda shows up later in Jake's shift and he pulls rank to go off with her, since there's not much going on there, leaving Cara, on her first day, to take up any slack. After all, it's not like there is any increased chance of an influx of people coming into the Emergency Room due to, say, people attending Christmas parties and then driving drunk and causing massive pileups on the icy roads, or perhaps a food court collapsing at the mall because it can't hold the weight of all the onlookers when a flash mob suddenly starts singing Hallelujah.

Robin "I'm just sayin'" Coutellier

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