Friday, December 3, 2010

BC - Mon, 11/29/10

Liza is the DA. Why does SHE have to work on papers to transfer David to lockup? Isn't that the PVPD's job? At first I thought she might still be his attorney, which makes me want to vomit, but then Jack managed to get in to see David by pretending to be his lawyer mere moments after Liza walked out of the room, with the same guard standing right there. Then again, members of the PVPD aren't known for their massive brainpower or quick-wittedness.

When the Thanksgiving play started, all I could think of was Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family Values movie where she played a Native American princess who then proceeded to mastermind a massacre of the pilgrims as payback for what was done to the Native Americans.

I can't believe Tad just said to Krystal: "All right, now you make sure you get Jenny and our little SQUAW back to the restaurant" I can't believe they put that in the script! That's like using the N-word! There's some controversy about the origins of the word or it's actual meaning, but it's widely considered to be a derogatory and racist slur nowadays.

Jack tells Greenlee and Ryan that David is on a bus on his way to prison now. For WHAT? They just glossed right over that part! No trial, no nothing -- just off you go. I was wondering why they were making a big deal about him being transferred to "lockup" and how lockup might be different than being in a cell downstairs.

And there's David, lurking outside the penthouse. He must have escaped. Gee, what a surprise.

Did it ever occur to Tad to simply ask to BUY a turkey from the Yacht Club or have THEM prepare a meal for them? Are we supposed to root for him and Jake STEALING one from them?

Okay, I have to admit that I did NOT expect to see Erica holding the gun that shot David. Notice I didn't say she SHOT him, but she is holding the gun (I'm guessing that Kendall or someone else shot him; if it was Kendall, she doesn't remember it). I DID expect something bad to happen to David, but not quite so soon. As I said, he's now known to me as "Twice Cooked Pork".

Robin "I was kind of hoping the stray bullet would shoot the glass out of Tad's hand" Coutellier

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