Friday, December 3, 2010

BC - Wed, 12/1/10

Bianca tells Kendall that Spike and Miranda are at school. WTF? It's the day after Thanksgiving -- why would they be at school? Their school has a play ON Thanksgiving and they don't get Friday off, either. Man, what a sucky school!

Why is David breathing so hard and fast while in a coma? Does he have a fever?

Caleb starts off his speech in the courtroom by saying Erica is NOT a runner and has never run from anyone or anything in her LIFE! BZZZZZZT!!! She's run on several occasions. For instance, before Bianca was born, Erica was on the run (for the murder of Lars Bogard, I think) for several months before she was caught and thrown in prison with Kathy Bates. She ran away with Bianca when Bianca was a baby and renamed her to Betsy. She wore jeans. She started Enchantment as a pseudo-Avon company, marketing it as good makeup for people who couldn't afford the expensive stuff (she was hiding out from Travis at the time). She tried to break Jeremy out of prison and take off with him in a helicopter. And who can forget her sojourn as Desiree of the Desert? And those are just SOME of the well-known instances that come to mind. She is a recovering drug addict with the means to flee whenever and wherever she wants. That doesn't necessarily mean she shouldn't get bail, but please spare us the blarney about her not being a runner.

David is in critical condition. He's in a coma. Everyone in town hates his guts. He's also a prisoner. Yet there is no guard to keep him in or anyone else out of his room.

Robin "people will soon be lined up, snaking out of his room, like the line of people waiting to beat up the hysterical woman in Airplane!" Coutellier

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