Monday, December 20, 2010

BC - Wed-Thu, 12/15-16/10

Why did Tad walk out of the living room and leave Annie there (after telling her she wasn't invited and to use the front door next time)? He knows she's capable of just about anything. She could be planting a bomb for all he knows. Some detective.

Further proof that security at Ryan's penthouse is ludicrous: Greenlee walks over and turns the THUMB lock on the door handle. That's it. There's no deadbolt. Then Ryan asks Greenlee what she did that for. Apparently he never locks his doors if he's at home. Given how many people have burst in on him, that's not a surprise, of course. Even so, it just boggles my mind that anyone, let alone someone RICH doesn't lock their front door.

Well, those of you who know me know that MY answer to whether or not Griffin's cologne was too strong was YES! ANY cologne is too strong as far as I'm concerned, and the same goes for perfume. My favorite response to someone asking the question "I got on enough cologne?" on the Sopranos was (said by Christopher): "You smell like Paco Raban crawled up your ass and died."

If Madison is keeping the pregnancy to herself for now, why is she bringing the "What To Expect When You're Expecting" book to the Fusion bar? Dumb question, 100% plot point, I'm sure, but I had to say it. That's like Kendall with her pregnancy test that she took out of her purse every few minutes to stare at or Robert Gardner (the guy who kept trying to kill Jesse) and his gun that he took out to caress every few minutes.

How do Krystal's patrons keep their food down with Greenlee and Ryan cooing at each other and kissing? I know *I* threw up a little.

If Madison can barely afford her apt, why did she quit her job?

Kudos to those of you who guessed that Griffin is Cara's brother, not her former lover.

Robin "not that the two are mutually exclusive" Coutellier

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