Monday, December 13, 2010

BC - Fri, 12/10/10

How did Greenlee fit all those shoes into the lockers at Fusion? Those lockers must be like portals to another dimension like on Doctor Who (so far I've seen the first and second episodes from 1963 -- you'd think that if they were from the 49th century they would have figured out a way to muffle that godawful ear-splitting noise coming from the TARDIS when it gets busy. Even in 1980 we had rugs on the walls in our (impact) printer area at work. A little insulation and padding to absorb vibrations can go a long way).

Greenlee informs Kendall that she's moved in with Ryan and they'd love to have her over. I can just hear little Emma at dinner now. "Hi Kendall! Are you going to sleep in Daddy's bed with him and Greenlee tonight? Greenlee sleeps on the side of the bed near the bathroom, but Madison slept on the other side, and Daddy didn't like that, but he pretended he did. You slept in the middle of the bed, right? You can do that AGAIN! Mommy did that too. She slept on all sides of it. Sometimes she even slept UNDER it. She was kind of all over the place. I think I saw her on the ceiling one time. I think Daddy's bed must be lumpy or something because lots of times he and pretty ladies sleep on the floor in front of the fireplace or out on the balcony. It gets hot in front of the fireplace, though, so they always take their clothes off. Mommy got married lots of times; sometimes she sleeps in JAR's bed and sometimes she sleeps in Daddy Scott's bed or AJ's Grampa's bed. I don't think she can find a bed she likes, because she keeps trying new ones and every time she does she moves around a lot and yells and hollers. She's like Goldilocks. Erica let me use her perfume. Can I use your perfume, too? Hey, wait a minute. Isn't Erica your Mommy? And she's Spike and Ian's Grandma! Is she MY Grandma, too? And she's getting married to Greenlee's Daddy. So maybe she IS my Grandma! That's so funny! Are you going to marry Daddy, too? Don't tell Daddy, but I was watching HBO On-Demand and there was the show called Big Love. I thought it sounded real nice to have big, BIG love, so I watched it, and lots of ladies were married to the daddy at the same time and ..." and so on and so on.

Isn't it time for either Spike or Ian to be kidnapped? The last time that happened Greenlee temporarily took Spike (and promptly drove over a cliff). Yup, they are definitely overdue, although I'm guessing it's more likely that soon AJ will get his turn at bat ... again. Then again, little Trevor hasn't been kidnapped yet (you can't really call what Randi did a kidnapping since she FOUND him abandoned). Jenny hasn't been kidnapped since she was a tiny baby. Gabrielle hasn't been kidnapped at all yet. Yup, the show is definitely overdue for a child/baby kidnapping (the adults get kidnapped on a regular basis, so they don't count). AJ was sort of kidnapped by Asher, but JAR made paid off a judge and made it legal by the time it was found out. Besides, he's been kidnapped lots of times; it's someone else's turn.

Robin "the adult kidnappings aren't even reported to the police more than half the time" Coutellier

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