Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BC - Mon, 12/27/10

Okay, you medical and law enforcement types -- how busy are hospitals and police personnel on Christmas Eve? Do they typically run on skeleton crews?

Kendall describes her dream to Erica and Jack. She talks about how the light she saw outside was so warm and hopeful and how it made her feel good. Well, I guess there goes my brief theory that she was about to be abducted by an alien.

Cara stayed on at PVH past the end of her shift so that the doctors with families could go home. On whose authority did she tell them to leave? She's the NEW doctor. Then her brother talks her into going to the Martin Christmas Eve party after all. If she told the other doctors to go home because she'll stay and cover, and now she's leaving, who's going to be there at the hospital?

There's not a spec of color on the Chandler family Christmas tree. How ... tasteful. I'm sure every 6-yr-old appreciates a dull, but tasteful tree. In fact none of the trees show any hint of participation by a child when it comes to decoration.

I had missed a moment so I backed up my Tivo. Just as it backed up, Annie asked JAR how it went, and JAR said: "Marissa offered me a joint--". I was like, WHAT? I definitely missed SOMETHING. He was, of course, referring to joint CUSTODY.

Annnnndd there's Father Clarence at Kendall's door.

Robin "apparently Angie's going to have to be blind for a while longer unless Father C can pull TWO miracles out of his collar" Coutellier

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