Monday, December 13, 2010

BC - Thu, 12/9/10

Does Annie know that Amanda has had sex with JAR?

Okay, they are rewriting show history with more than just hair color and va-va-voom-itude. Jake did not meet Cara as part of his Doctor's Without Borders stint -- he met her prior to that at the hospital and was having sex with her (when she was blond) in a supply closet. He made also it very clear at the time that it was "just sex". He ran away to the DWB and she went, too.

Ah, so Amanda is NOT working at the Miranda Center out of the goodness of her heart -- she wants to cozy up to Dr. Hardbody to find out more about him and Cara. She's not only an idiot, but a hypocritical idiot.

Does Amanda know that Jake's first wife, Gillian, also cheated on him (with Ryan) and ultimately left him for Ryan (she only married Jake to either get back at or because she couldn't have Ryan)? Jake may have some deep-seated issues of trust when it comes to wives.

Jake does a lot of rocking from side to side when he talks. Give him some sunglasses and a little (ok a LOT) more rhythm and he could work his way into Ray Charles territory.

Oh PUH-LEEZE! Natalia is a cop (detective) in Pennsylvania in mid-December. She's supposed to be no-nonsense and gets very agitated if anyone suggests that she's girly in any way. So why is she wearing that ridiculous leather not-quite-half of a jacket? It's little more than a leather halter-top with 3/4 sleeves. That has everything to do with making a fashion statement and nothing whatsoever to do with keeping warm.

Robin "she's probably wearing strappy, flimsy high heels, too" Coutellier

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