Monday, December 13, 2010

BC - Wed, 12/8/10

Was that bench/settee always there near the Slater front door?

Why would they have a memorial in the Slater living room? It was cozy and all, but now Kendall will have to remember the living room as forever associated with the memorial service. Not that it will stop her from having sex on the couch with someone else, but still.

How long are they going to leave Palmer's portrait sitting on the mantelpiece leaning up against another framed something-or-other. Give him his own place on the wall FGS!

The character of Ian is three years old now. Why is he being portrayed by a toddler sucking on a pacifier? He should be running around asking his mommy "Why?" about everything in his line of sight, building rickety furniture towers to get to things like cookies on top of the fridge, singing songs at the top of his lungs, fighting with his big brother, writing on the walls, etc. He's certainly old enough to be asking detailed questions about things. We need to introduce another syndrome to the list of common PV ailments: Soap Opera Rapid DE-Aging Syndrome, aka SORDS.

Another reason for me to hate Ryan and Greenlee: I can't understand them half the time when they speak. First, I have to say that I have some speakers near my chair (separate from the TV speakers) that are not working optimally, so they do tend to distort/muffle some things slightly. But I don't usually have that much trouble with other characters on the show, mostly just Ryan and Greenlee. They sound like the grown-ups in a Charlie Brown special. Ryan because, let's face, he talks funny (and not in a ha-ha way), whether he's speaking in a whisper-shout or his usual voice. Greenlee -- I don't know what the problem is -- not projecting, perhaps? A consistently dull and lifeless delivery? Whatever it is I can barely understand ANYTHING she says anymore without reading the closed-captioning. When Ryan and Greenlee have a scene together, I have to stop whatever else I might be doing just to read what they are saying. That does nothing to endear these two carnage-inducing characters to me.

Kendall: "Goodbye, Zach. Always only you."

Robin "except when it's someone else -- let the grief sex BEGIN!" Coutellier

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