Friday, December 3, 2010

BC - Fri, 12/3/10

I notice they've stopped using the park for every other scene. Apparently they've finally had to concede that it's December and it gets COLD and/or overcast, even in California.

Does Erica have a special bank account just for criminal defense funds? My Mom always has a Christmas Club account every year and she has another one she uses just to put money aside for a chiropractor. I'm thinking Erica has a Get-Out/Keep-Out-Of-Prison account, perhaps at her local Wells Fargo. Oh what am I saying? It would be at the Pine Valley National Bank, of course.

Asher tells Bianca that her computer has frozen because her memory is overloaded. She apparently downloaded several hundred pictures. He says he told her to put them on an external hard drive. Uh, unless she has several hundred pictures OPENED at the same time, having several hundred photos residing on her hard drive isn't going to slow the computer down (let alone FREEZE it). If all of them are in the same folder, it might slow it down slightly to list them all.

Ah, I see they finally got a guard outside of David's room. He might have been there all along, but he sure as hell wasn't keeping anyone out.

Robin "he probably has a 'kick me' sign on his back & wonders why people keep putting their feet in his ass" Coutellier

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