Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BC - Tue, 12/14/10

I'm glad they explained why Tad's hand was bandaged, because I was wracking my brain trying to remember who he must have just punched, given that David, his customary punching bag, is in a coma. He apparently cut himself in the kitchen. Cara patched it up. Personally, I prefer the episode where Tad's ass got stung several times by bees and he met Nurse Gloria when she had to remove the stingers.

I notice that I was partially wrong about Palmer's portrait. It is not leaning against the frame of another picture. It is, however, leaning against some sort of empty wooden frame/wall decoration. So it STILL doesn't have it's "own" place of honor.

Robin "where are pictures of his beloved dobermans?" Coutellier

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