Friday, December 3, 2010

BC - Thu, 12/2/10

Annie comments (upon seeing the headline about Erica shooting David), that Erica always makes it interesting. This from the homicidal maniac.

Zach just died and Kendall wants to up and leave the boys so she can go to the beach where it happened. What a FINE mother she is! She wants Greenlee to go with her to show her where everything went down (so to speak). If I were Greenlee, I'd wear a life vest a parachute for the entire flight.

David yanks the tube out of his mouth (within a fantasy). What was that tube FOR? It didn't go down his throat into his stomach or lungs. It didn't do ANYTHING. If they wanted to give him extra oxygen, there would have been a canula going into his nose. Maybe it was just to suck spit out of his mouth, although we should have heard the suction if that was the case, like when you are at the dentist.

Robin "Not that I WANT to hear David's spit along its travels" Coutellier

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