Friday, December 24, 2010

BC - Tue, 12/22/10

JAR sent a sexy text message to Annie while they were at BJ's, and she zipped over to their trysting room at the Yacht Club. He followed shortly thereafter. Wouldn't he have had messages and phone calls about the SEC decision that should have gotten his attention? I guess he ignored everything but Annie. Tsk, tsk.

Ryan arranges for a doctor to give Madison a complete and thorough medical exam tomorrow morning (re her shoulder gunshot wound), without even asking Madison. The doctor then informs her of that fact and doesn't even stick around to find out if Madison will be there, let alone if Madison gave Ryan permission to speak for her in a medical capacity or otherwise. No HIPAA violations there, no sir.

Okay, Madison? Sweetie? Let's have a talk. Here's the thing -- the next time Ryan insists on getting all up in your business, and pleads with you to EXPLAIN how you are feeling about him breaking up with you, you need to kick/knee him in the nads, because telling him in no uncertain terms (and "what about stay out of my life" was unclear IS no uncertain terms, as was the earlier part when you told him to stay the f**k out of your life) . Of course, most of Ryan's body is made of titanium, so even that might not have any effect. He's been known to bounce off cliffs, after all. Hmmmm. Well, short of cyanide (which would probably only make him burp and smell like almonds), I guess there really isn't much you CAN do. Just know that we feel your pain and would like to punch him in the face and/or kick/knee him in the nads as much as (and probably more than) YOU do.

Have you ever had a boyfriend/lover dump YOU and then have him keep pestering you to let him know how you feel about it, no matter how many times you tell him to go away and that you are very, very hurt by him? Me neither. Try to be friends, yeah; stick around after you tell him he doesn't have to and, indeed, to stay away? Nope.

You know that door slam was edited in when JAR took Melissa's hand, because neither one of them jumped when it happened. They just turned their heads to look.

Is Spike going to run away to look for Daddy Zach?

Okay, Madison. Sweeeetieeee ... Here's the thing. STOP GOING TO CONFUSION! Hanging out in a place where you will be almost guaranteed to run into Greenlee and/or Ryan on a regular basis is injecting yourself into THEIR lives. What part of "get the f**k out of my life" did YOU not understand? What are you, a masochist?

The Pine Valley Bulletin missed a prime opportunity when they left off "... AGAIN" from their headline of:


Robin "PA has a Three Strikes law; I think Erica may have or is about to exceed her quota of convictions" Coutellier

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