Thursday, July 30, 2009

BC - Wed, 7/29/09

Zach argues with Kendall and says that the boys lost her for months when she was in a coma and they're not going to get through it again. Oh please -- they probably never noticed that she was gone.

Oops! eBabe broke the cardinal rule of defense lawyers -- she asked her client if she actually DID the crime. The defense lawyer's job is to TEST THE EVIDENCE provided by the prosecution. It doesn't MATTER if their client is guilty or innocent -- it only matters if the State can PROVE whether or not their client did it. Liza did vaguely touch on that when she counseled eBabe after the fact, saying that their ONLY job was to get the client off, not to decide guilt or innocence.

eBabe explains to Annie that Liza isn't seeing her because it's a conflict of interest -- she's already representing Kendall. Well, there IS that. There is also the fact that everyone in town was trying to kill HER ex-husband, that she loved Stuart, the murdered man, that her daughter loved her Uncle Stuart, that Liza's MOTHER was married to Stuart, etc., etc. She should not be getting anywhere NEAR this case!

Where is Emma while Ryan ran over to the Slater house to celebrate Annie being in jail? Is she still wandering around the halls of the PVH? Is she home alone? Is she with a sitter. It's nice to see that Ryan has his priorities straight (celebrating as opposed to comforting his traumatized young daughter

Robin "damn, that was a DULL episode" Coutellier

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