Thursday, July 2, 2009

BC - Mon-Tue, 6/9-30/09

Is it just me, or does Jake's bag full of miscellaneous crap look like a great big condom?

Are we ever going to find out where the baby has been stashed all this time, and with whom?

Why did David come into the house (TAD'S house) with Krystal when he brought her home? For the sake of the plot, it was for him to hear the baby cry, of course, but then they just dropped it, so what was up with that?

I really HATE it when soap birth-mothers are forced to endure seeing their own baby and don't know that it IS their own baby. That's a REALLY crappy thing to do! I hated it when Erica deliberately paraded baby Maddy in front of Maria, and I hate that TPTB are doing it now to Amanda! It's CRUEL! And don't even get me STARTED on awkwardly dangling a tiny baby through the basement window when it's clear they can't quite reach each other, and Tad can barely fit the baby and his arms through the window! Who would DO that? I don't care HOW important they think it is to fake a baby's birth, that was endangering the baby's life, plain and simple (yes, I DO realize they were using a prop baby for that scene)! Shades of Michael Jackson! I find this entire storyline not only immensely S.T.U.P.I.D, but downright D.E.S.P.I.C.A.B.L.E!

People burst in, sneak in, skulk around, and attempt to murder, kidnap or assault other people in Adam's home on a regular basis. Erica and Ryan were JUST chased out of there a short time ago after bursting in on Annie and Adam while Annie was holding a gun on Adam. When Erica starts skulking around AGAIN and makes noise, Annie asks what it was. Given the revolving door of mayhem and deceit in that house, why does she then believe Adam when he says it's nothing and probably just a small animal? She barely gives a glance in Erica's direction! Or DID she realize someone was out there?

Tad KNOWS that having the baby in the house is KILLING Amanda, so why did he tell Liza to "stay as long as you need"? We need Debbie Novotny (Michael's Mom on Queer As Folk) to slap Tad upside the head! And we need her to slap JAKE upside the head with BOTH hands!

If the D.A.'s wife knows Zach is trying to dig up dirt on her husband, why is she gambling at HIS establishment? Surely there are other casinos in the area, and there HAVE to be conflict-of-interest issues with that. Ah, she not-so-secretly wants to sabotage her husband in the guise of standing up for and bragging about him, thus giving information to the "enemy".

It always cracks me up how quickly murder trials (or ANY trials, for that matter) are held in Pine Valley.

Why did COLBY have to go after Amanda to see if she was okay (after Amanda held and fed the baby)? JAKE should have done that, but instead he stays with Liza and grimaces about how Liza screwed everything up. Jake is SUCH a clueless, insensitive TWIT!

Robin "RUTH! Come over here right NOW & slap that boy silly!" Coutellier

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