Monday, July 20, 2009

BC - Tue, 7/14/09

OMG, What did eBabe do to her HAIR? I suppose it looks nice enough, but it's a shock to see such a drastic change.

eBabe tells a frazzled Colby that she has the magic touch (the baby is crying and Colby is babysitting). Colby relents and lets her in. eBabe picks up the baby, who stops crying. What a novel IDEA! Pick up a baby and it stops crying! Apparently the instructions for that are too complicated for Colby to comprehend or even think of in the first place.

Then Amanda comes by to see Liza (who is not there). Amanda asks if she can hold the baby. Colby tells her: "I actually had to put the baby down." YIKES! I suppose that IS one way to get it to stop crying, but it's a little drastic, even for someone as airheaded as Colby.

Tad tells Taylor that the bullet to his head changed something -- it's like it blew away all the garbage that had been weighing him down. It blew away the head writer, Chuck Pratt?

Robin "let's hope it blew him all the way to a deserted island" Coutellier

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