Friday, July 24, 2009

BC - Wed, 7/22/09

Even if they can't get Kendall for murder, after she desperately tried to browbeat Emma into admitting that Annie actually shot Stuart, they can now get Kendall for tampering with a witness.

How many of you were urging Amanda to just "give him a tit" when the baby was crying and they were trying to keep him quiet so that Liza wouldn't hear him? She was wearing a strapless dress, so it would have been EASY to do. Of course, she would no longer have any milk and the baby would probably cry about THAT, but it could have shut him up for a minute until he figured it out.

When Erica was having a heart-to-heart talk with Emma, was anyone else hoping Emma would sweetly pipe up and say: "I like you! Can I call you GRANDMA?"

Amanda gets upset that Taylor's place isn't babyproofed. Does she REALLY think the baby is going to go straight for the corkscrew at the tender age of about 6 weeks? Not that I would BLAME it for wanting to head for a different kind of bottle, but there's time enough to hide the corkscrew and just set out freely available decanters of the hard stuff (if they aren't set out already).

Why doesn't the condo have a peephole in the door?

Is it my imagination, or does Emma have fairly long legs? I never noticed it until she was stretched out on her bed and then squatted down to filch the cellphone from Erica's purse. She might be relatively tall when she grows up.

How is Taylor supporting herself? I know it's come up on several occasions in on-line discussions. Volunteering to take care of the baby makes it clear she's not doing much of anything with her time, so where is her money coming from? I know Brot was helping her pay the rent when she first moved in.

Robin "perhaps she invested wisely" Coutellier

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