Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BC - Tue, 7/7/09

How old was Randi when Henry North was boffing her? They gave the impression that he's been a DA for a while and that he's been married for a while. Randi is relatively young. Maybe he should arrest himself for statutory rape. For that matter, his WIFE looks fairly young, too. So I looked up the actresses on IMDB and discovered that the actress playing Madison North (Stephanie Gatschet) is 26; the actress playing Randi (Denise Vasi) is 28, so maybe not; except that there is no WAY that the character of Randi is 28, more like 22-23, whereas the character of Madison is ACTING like she's about 30.

Kendall is hiding in Ryan's penthouse. He's surprised and asks her about it. She says she climbed up the fire escape. WTF? His child is routinely kidnapped by her psycho mom, who is currently out on bail (albeit under house arrest -- as if she wouldn't be able to evade them), yet a 90-lb woman can climb up the fire escape and get in??? She apparently climbed back DOWN it again (unless she jumped off and bounced back like Annie). I get the impression that Kendall isn't the bouncy type, though.

Why do these air-headed fashionistas in PV go on the lam while wearing such inappropriate clothes and shoes? Kendall is wearing a dress, FGS! She WAS at home, so why didn't she just change into something suitable for, say, CLIMBING FIRE ESCAPES, before she left?

Damn, that slap Randi gave Henry missed him by quite a few inches.

Jesse is pretty naive and wishy-washy for a police chief. First off, I don't see where the DA was so intolerable to Jesse. He's a nasty piece of work and a PITA, but you'd think a Police Chief could handle the pressure. Now Jesse is going to let a DA push him out of his job? Why does Jesse think there's no way the DA will make him testify if Jesse, in a press conference, says some nasty things about him as his reason for quitting? Hasn't he ever heard of the concept of a "Hostile Witness"?

If Frankie's HANDS were mangled, why is he wearing WRIST braces, but his hands are free, bandage-free and quite useful? I suppose I can see where it would take some strain off of them to keep the wrists straight and keep the blood flowing smoothly, but I don't understand why his hands are so much better and yet HE'S STILL IN THE F**KING HOSPITAL! This reminds me of when Derek Fry was shot in the kneecap during the time Billy Clyde Tuggle kidnapped "my Dixie-bird". Derek was in a hospital bed for at LEAST two months after he had knee surgery. And, of course, many of us remember Natalie (circa 1992 or 1993) being in bed for an interminable amount of time with giant, diamond-shaped bandages over her eyes, leading us to refer to her as Tweety-Nat (played by Melody Anderson, as opposed to Kate Collins). Nothing else was injured, just her eyes.

Well, I guess Jesse quitting (unless he's already done so) over the DA being mean to him and the DA charging himself with statutory rape are moot points NOW.

Robin "is Randi really up to a murder storyline?" Coutellier

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