Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BC - Wed-Fri, 7/15-17/09

Why did Liza feel a need to work on a capital murder case on her laptop in the middle of a casino?

Why is Emma waiting all alone on a bench where any strange man (like Henry North) could talk to her or snatch her? That ick factor was CLANGING for me!

Ah, just as I thought -- there IS no deadbolt on Ryan's front door, just a thumb-latch.

Why isn't the door from Emma's room to the balcony locked? Annie just waltzes on in.

Poor Emma should be quite street savvy by now, considering how much she is left alone and neglected.

Why is the nanny for Amanda's baby acting like Jake and Amanda are invisible? You'd think Amanda would be asking her a MILLION questions about every moment of the baby's life since he's been there.

Robin "for instance, when did he start smiling?" Coutellier

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