Thursday, July 23, 2009

BC - Mon, 7/20/09

Why isn't there a curtain on the door to the balcony from Emma's bedroom? Who knows what kind of pervert might be looking in with binoculars?

Why would the D.A. show up for a simple ankle bracelet issue? Doesn't he have better things to do with his time?

Liza said that after Colby left, one day she looked in the mirror and didn't like the woman looking back at her. I can understand that. I don't like her, either.

Considering that Kendall hasn't actually gone THROUGH with the plea deal yet, it's a major breach of confidentiality for eBabe to go straight to Scott and JAR to tell them that it's in the works. Not that ethics ever stopped anyone in PV.

CHOKE FACTOR: Erica tells Ryan: "With you in her life, how could Emma be ANYTHING but all right?" OH PUH-LEEZE!!!! How many times has Emma been kidnapped already? How many times has Annie managed to break/sneak in and see Emma, no matter how high the security on her? How many times has he shoved her out the door to find her own way to the bus stop? Ryan is a wealthy man. Why doesn't he have a full-time, LIVE-IN nanny who will at least care enough to pick Emma up from school so that Emma doesn't have to sit ALL ALONE AND UNSUPERVISED on a bench waiting for a bus to take her home? Hell, he could pay a DOG-WALKER to at least escort her to and from the bus-stops. Given her genetics AND her environment, how can Emma grow up to be anything BUT extremely disturbed?

The D.A. is willing to cut Annie (a MULTIPLE murderer, kidnapper and all-around psychopath) a deal so that he can take the word of a 7-8-yr-old child about a murder that happened on a dark and stormy night when there were LOTS of people roaming about?

Robin "I'm wondering if some people are right and EMMA was the shooter" Coutellier

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