Monday, July 27, 2009

BC - Fri, 7/24/09

David tells Colby he's going to stick around because the baby seems like he has a low-grade fever. In case the baby gets worse, David wants to make sure he's there to get him to the hospital. He says this as he sloshes quite a bit of wine into a glass. Yeah, that's what *I* want for my baby -- a drunken doctor who refuses to leave when he's not needed or wanted. Colby isn't experienced enough to know how to handle someone who rolls right over her like that, though. BTW, I doubt the baby is sick -- David is just using that as a ruse to be there and say there.

Oops, looks like Adam's security team has done their job for the rest of the summer. They escorted Ryan earlier, but Kendall just walks on up and presses herself up against the windows. The siren, at least, DOES go off when she opens the UNLOCKED patio door. Oh, hey, there's Security NOW; now that someone has actually walked into the house and could have easily murdered at least a couple of people in the meantime.

I LOVED how Annie says that Kendall got away and that the new "crack security team" is turning into a big fat failure. BWAHAHAHAAA! What did she mean "turning INTO"? Still it is SOOO refreshing to see that: a) Adam actually has a working alarm after all this time, and b) twice in one show they've ridiculed how bad the crack security team is. I think CRACK is a required substance for any security personnel within Pine Valley.

Does Kendall REALLY think that she shot Stuart, or is she protecting EMMA, who probably shot Stuart, by taking the fall for her?

Robin "at least she didn't have grief sex over it ... this week" Coutellier

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