Thursday, July 2, 2009

BC - Wed, 7/1/09

Why does Frankie still have a heart monitor on him? He's well past the recovery room stage of surgery. Wasn't it at LEAST a couple of days ago, if not more? He's young and healthy and there's no reason for him to be in BED or be on a heart monitor. He's not even being heavily sedated, and his fingers are even working well enough to dig into a bag of fast food! There's no reason for him to even be IN the hospital at this point. He can come in for PT, and he's certainly got enough support for people to drive him there as needed. What a wuss! How are we supposed to believe this is the same guy who lived by himself in the woods after returning from Iraq the first time?

The D.A. is going on a weekend getaway? With a possibly CAPITAL murder trial starting on MONDAY? Yeah, RIGHT! And why haven't they decided whether or not it IS a capital murder case yet? Not only would they have to find a death-qualified jury (one that would be willing to convict knowing that the death penalty is a possibility), but also a death-qualified ATTORNEY. Not all criminal lawyers are qualified by the State to be first chair in a capital murder trial. Is Jack death-qualified? Has he even BOTHERED to file any motions in an attempt to delay the start of the trial (not to mention a motion to dismiss)? If she gets convicted, Kendall should get her conviction overturned due to ineffective assistance of counsel.

Much as I hate to admit it, I'm on the D.A.'s side as far as Tad's eyewitness account goes. Even a layperson would be smart enough to point out that he did NOT identify Annie and that his description could fit any number of women, including Kendall. I mean, something THAT obvious would be in the first chapter of of D.A. Tips For Dummies. And Ryan continually yammering on to anyone who will listen that Tad DEFINITIVELY identified the woman as Annie is getting on my last nerve. Tad did NOT say that. He said it COULD have been her. Maybe. He wasn't even REMOTELY sure of it! That said, why is he NOW growing scruples when it comes to testifying? He's a master at lying to the court, tampering with, and even FABRICATING evidence, so why stop NOW? So what if he told the D.A. one thing. He can STILL testify to something else when in court. There was no court reporter in the D.A.'s office, so it's not on record. The D.A. probably recorded it, but it wouldn't be admissible in court. To play it anyway, as the judge ineffectually pounds his gavel, could result in a mistrial, so it would NOT be in the D.A.'s best interests to do that. Of course, Jack would be too ineffective to ASK for a mistrial.

Tad and Jake tell Amanda that they were talking about the lungs on Liza's new baby. Tad says he's got quite a set of pipes on him and he's breaking decibel levels every day. Every DAY? Hello? Is anyone HOME in there? The baby was born LAST NIGHT!!! And Amanda LIVES IN THE SAME HOUSE!!! There is clearly a hole ripped into the time-space continuum in Pine Valley.

Do you think that the writers use acronyms for the scripts. Do they write "BUS" whenever they want an actor to say "beef up security"? They certainly use that phrase a lot, despite the fact that there are more holes in PV security than there are grains of sand on a beach.

Robin "Does Randi ever talk to Carmen anymore?" Coutellier

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