Sunday, July 5, 2009

BC - Thu, 7/2/09

I still don't buy Adam's relatively good frame of mind after losing Stuart. He hardly seems to be grieving at ALL. Obviously he's setting up Annie to try to get info and possibly nail her (in the criminal sense) for Stuarts death, but the closeness between Adam and Stuart was SO strong that it just seems extremely out-of-character for Adam to not be absolutely grief-stricken for an extended period of time and acting out in a big way. Conning Annie might be considered "acting out", but it just seems way too calm and calculated for someone who is overwhelmed with grief to be doing that at this point.

Well, at least Frankie managed to sit in a chair for a while and even stand up. It still doesn't explain why he's even still there at PVH, but at least it's progress. I mean, REALLY, if he needs his bandages changed by a professional each day, there are home nurses for that.

Ryan frets over how he was unable to protect Greenlee, so how can he protect Kendall? He wonders if he's going to fail his daughter, too. IF?

Who's shaving Frankie? He has some facial hair going on, but it's kind of landscaped.

Kendall is imagining herself on the stand. Only on TV do murderers or accused murderers routinely take the stand. Oh, it happens in real life, too, but RARELY, and only if there is no other POSSIBLE way. It opens the door for just about EVERYTHING you've done in your entire life, and some of it may not be pretty or can be twisted and/or taken out of context. It's better to sit there with your mouth shut, rather than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. The prosecution has to prove the defendant did it. The defense has to throw buckets of shit at the wall and hope some of it sticks. The defendant has to sit quietly and try not to show any emotions. That's the way it works. Trust me, if OJ had taken the stand in the murder trial, he would have been convicted (well, maybe not with THAT braindead jury). If Phil Spector had taken the witness stand in the first trial, he would have been convicted and there would have been no need for a second trial. (Of course, if PS had gotten to a certain someone on the jury, no amount of argument or evidence would have convinced that juror. Gee, that's kind of how the first trial played out, isn't it?) We all would have LIKED to see both of those miscreants testify, but their lawyers knew better than to put them on the stand.

Wow, an actual ALARM went off at Adam's place when Erica came in through the patio doors! I'm SHOCKED!!! Has ANYONE in Pine Valley ever installed a burglar alarm in their homes, despite being kidnapped, assaulted, stalked, etc.? It took them about 25 years just to get some peepholes in SOME of the doors. If they did install one, did they ever use it more than for a single-shot storyline?

Hey, no RIDICULOUS Amanda/Jake/Liza baby storyline today! Cool!

Only in Pine Valley do women (Annie in this case) wear 4"-5" spike heels as bedroom slippers.

Robin "AND manage to easily overpower & attempt to strangle someone while doing so" Coutellier

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