Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BC - Mon, 7/13/09

Liza tells Krystal to tell David that if he gets anywhere NEAR her baby, she'll file an injunction against him. Yeah, that'll stop him.

Hmmm, looks like the suggestion I heard was right (was it on RATSA or the Pine Valley Podcast comments?). Jake just offered up a solution of doing a DNA test on the baby to prove it is not Jake's. Amanda doesn't recognize Liza's baby as HER baby. Ergo, that baby is NOT Amanda's baby, and her baby IS somewhere else. Either that or Jake is going to take Krystal's cue and doctor the DNA test. I really hope we don't see HIM leaving the lab tech's office while wiping off his mouth as the tech pulls his pants up in the background. Of course, Jake has also had more than one mysterious phone call in which he seems to be referring to the care of a baby, but it's ambiguous.

I just LOVE how David Canary portrays Adam as always HISSING like a snake. He says: "Well, it's not too far-fetched if you put Zach Slater in the mixssssssssssssssss." He doesn't ALWAYS do it, because that would be overkill. It's like he just throws them out there just to remind us every now and then. LOL!

Is Annie allowed to leave the house unless it's on the grounds? I thought house arrest meant you couldn't go more than a few feet from the house. I know nothing about ankle bracelets used to track arrestees -- do they have to take reasonable precautions not to get it wet (like covering it up for showering)? If so, going into a pool could be problematic. Then again, they wouldn't be very effective if that's all it took. FF to later in the show and I was right about the first part -- the pool IS out-of-bounds for house arrest.

How is Colby planning to feed the baby, considering there's nothing IN the bottle? I can see where she might have gone to fill the bottle and THEN taken the baby from Liza, but it's kind of stupid to try to fill the bottle while holding the baby. And then a few seconds later she comes BACK with the crying baby. I'm assuming he's crying because he STILL hasn't been fed. He gets fed and burped (and possibly diapered) even faster than Randi takes a shower!

Liza can't be Kendall's lawyer. She a) recently slept with Kendall's husband, and b) more importantly, she is ANNIE'S attorney. Annie was also at the mansion that night and is a witness, if not a suspect. Also (on Annie's behalf) Liza is retained by Adam Chandler, whose brother was murdered and who was, himself, the original target. There's a HUGE conflict of interest there, and no court would ever, EVER allow that!

YOWZA! Ryan's sporting quite a man's camel-toe there! When he picked up the bag of whatever it was in the living room the camera slowly panned up from the floor. WTH? Is he wearing some kind of Wonder Thong? Do we really need to see THAT? He looked kind of smug, too, although that's not an unusual expression for Ryan. Here's a screenshot of his camel toe:

How did Adam get up to the Fusion office without taking the elevator that Kendall just used to descend from the office? And if Annie is being grilled by Jesse, why is Adam over at Fusion blasting Erica? Shouldn't he be hovering outside the doors to the living room so he can be there to escort Jesse out when he's done while he huffs, harumphs and hisses? And how did he get all the way to Fusion from the living room while Annie is still standing there talking to Jesse?

Robin "same timewarp, different day" Coutellier

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