Thursday, July 9, 2009

BC - Thu, 7/9/09

I thought it was hilarious how everyone thought it was SOOO strange that Liza didn't want David to TOUCH her child! She didn't want him to see the baby too closely and figure out that it was his child, but SHE was the only one who knew that. Granted, the baby had a fever and David is a doctor, but the hospital is very close to EVERYWHERE in town. I wouldn't want a snake like David anywhere near MY baby, either. I almost cheered when she said that and walked the baby out! I'm just perplexed as to why everyone else is so surprised by it. I mean, hasn't pretty much everyone in TOWN punched the guy at one point or another for being so devious and obnoxious?

If Kendall's trial starts "today", why isn't anyone going to court? If the court can't reach the DA, then they WOULD postpone it, but there's no indication that they know he's missing yet, and everyone is going on about their business.

Wow, when Randi takes a quick shower, she REALLY takes a quick shower! She leaves the room and Zach knocks on the door. In the space of about 20 seconds she's already in the shower, thoroughly drenched (and yet her makeup is PERFECTLY intact, despite the fact that she keeps rubbing her eyes in the throes of guilt and angst). And about 10 seconds after that, Randi, wearing a robe and a towel turban, walks back into the living room . I call TIMEWARP!

Dave, talking to Amanda, ridicules Jake for first dabbling in obstetrics and now in pediatrics. Pot, Kettle.

Erica slides herself into Krystal's booth (blocking off any avenue of escape) and the two women exchange barbs. Erica wants to know why David left so quickly. Krystal points out that Jack didn't seem too happy with Erica, either. Erica says that the difference between them is that she doesn't actually NEED to have a man in her life all the time because she has a number of careers that keep her busy. Then she says: "In fact, why don't YOU think about going back to work? Buy a new mattress or something."

Natalia is barely out of the academy (IS she even out yet?), and yet she's notifying someone that her husband is dead? And she's doing it in the middle of a CASINO?

Kendall talks to her little boys (both of whom ignore her completely). She says the next two weeks are going to be VERY busy and she won't be around for a while. Then she says: "But ... I don't want you to worry because ..." at which point I finished the sentence for her "I'm hardly ever around ANYway." They probably WEREN'T worried, until she told them that they WOULD be (although only Spike would have picked up on it).

Erica admires Ryan and goes on and on about how well he's coped with all the horrible things that have happened in the last year. She says: "You've stayed true to yourself all along." Well, he's stayed true to his DICK and his EGO all along. Then she has an epiphany about how wonderful he is and makes goo-goo eyes at him

Robin "I am SO going to hurl" Coutellier

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