Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BC - Tue, 7/28/09

Ah, so Zach DID shoot to frame Annie. He also shot very low, so maybe it will wise someone up that perhaps EMMA did the shooting. Or maybe he just did it low because Annie was on her knees (the way Adam LIKES it ) so it would make sense for the bullet to enter through a lower angle.

Why can't Ryan get his OWN court order to a) keep Annie, the homicidal maniac who has tried (and succeeded) on NUMEROUS occasions to kidnap her daughter, from seeing and influencing Emma, and b) to keep the D.A. from interrogating a traumatized child in the hospital. Emma needs to be interviewed by a person QUALIFIED to interview her for a criminal case. The stupidity of these people never ceases to amaze me.

Erica tells Kendall that she's not CAPABLE of murder. BULLSHIT! Kendall has come close to murdering people on several occasions. She held a gun on Erica, herself, in a restaurant (under the tablecloth). She took a knife with her to Michael Cambias's house. She replaced his allergy medicine with something else. She even let loose a poisonous VIPER in his condo, FGS! She went to Adam's house to K-I-L-L him. Yeah, so she never SUCCEEDED in killing anyone, but it wasn't lack of TRYING. So she couldn't pull the trigger -- BFD! If the gun had gone off accidentally while she was in the process of brandishing it, and someone ended up dead as a result, she would STILL be liable for murder (just ask Phil Spector; oh wait, he's incommunicado in the slammer at Corcoran now; ask the judge, instead). Kendall is QUITE capable of killing someone. She's practically an out-of-control firehose (which can inflict great damage), just mindlessly spraying mayhem in various directions with no real control. Unlike a firehose, though, SHE has certainly formed the INTENT often enough (and I'm probably forgetting some stuff she's done).

Wow, that's the most emotion I've seen from Jamie Luner since she started playing Liza. Maybe there IS hope for her. She hasn't shown the slightest crack in her facade up until today, and it just hasn't been working. The Liza WE knew had some vulnerabilities and a softness that came through even when she was at her most conniving. Part of that was that we already knew the character and actress (on and off) from the time Liza was a teen, but a great deal of it was also that Marcy Walker PORTRAYED her that way in a very nuanced manner. JL plays Liza as simply cold and mostly emotionless -- not because she has a tight reign on her feelings, but because she HAS no feelings. She's like a one-note character. When she laments her relationship with Colby, she might as well be talking about how unfortunate it is that her favorite server at BJ's is cold to her because she forgot to tip her once. MW's Liza was CONSERVATIVE, but she was not emotionless.

Most of the file cabinets in the INTERROGATION ROOM at the PVPD don't even have locks on them. Why would there even BE file cabinets in an interrogation room, let alone file cabinets without locks? Unless those suckers are anchored to the wall, they can be used as weapons. So can those SHARP edges in the cement pillar

Why is Scott, the son of the man Annie is suspected (by some) of MURDERING, allowed to be in the interrogation room alone with Annie? Even is she's not/wasn't a suspect in killing Stewart, she's now a suspect in trying to kill ADAM, Scott's uncle. And even if there WEREN'T those conflicts of interest, why would he be allowed in there to just keep her company or ask her questions while she's chained to a table awaiting questioning by the police?

What happened with the drunken David waiting around Liza's hotel room with the baby? They COMPLETELY dropped that, unless I missed something.

Liza is wearing a lot of carefully applied eye makeup for a women who hasn't had any sleep or been able to comb her hair for a day due to a fussy baby.

Oh, and now Ryan, Annie's ex-husband who had a large part in driving her over the edge, the man who took her daughter away from her, the man who moved her rival into THEIR penthouse practically the MOMENT she was carted away, the man who has to keep fighting tooth and nail to keep Annie from destroying Emma's life, is allowed into the room, alone, to talk to Annie. They BOTH have reason to hate and try to manipulate and/or harm each other. Does the PVPD have shit for brains? (that's a rhetorical question)

Does Emma ever get bothered by having her hair in her face all the time?

And as my sister, Sharlene, said: Why is Emma STILL in the hospital? If she needs to be hospitalized due to her mental condition, send her to the mental ward or off to Oakhaven instead of taking up time and space in the Emergency Room. And stop leaving her all alone in her room since it's obvious that she's perfectly capable of getting up and walking around on her own, not to mention that any stranger could come into her room and do God knows WHAT to her.

Robin "take her home, put her to bed, and stop enabling her" Coutellier

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