Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BC - Mon, 7/27/09

Ryan is acting like Emma is catatonic. She doesn't look catatonic to ME. So she pulled a pillow over her head and refused to talk to anyone. BFD! She's obviously depressed and doesn't want to talk to anyone, but that's hardly a reason to take her to the EMERGENCY ROOM. That's not a psychotic break, that's a depressed version of a TANTRUM. Granted, tantrums probably COULD be interpreted as psychotic breaks if you look at them out of context, but they're pretty normal for children (and more than a few adults). I can't WAIT until she's a teenager. If Ryan's solution to a tantrum by a 7-yr-old is to put her in the emergency room, wait until he has to deal with telling her she can't go out dressed like that or that she's grounded.

Don't get me wrong -- Emma IS traumatized by what she saw and/or did, but Ryan is WAAAAAAY overreacting. I don't think I've EVER seen him discipline her. He just talks in a very concerned voice and tries to reason with her about why she shouldn't do whatever it is that she did or that she shouldn't lie. Just once I'd like to hear him say "GO TO YOUR ROOM!" Emma has a LOT of potential for the next SORASED (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome (formerly known as Pine Valley Glandular Disease back in the late 1980s or early 1990s)) hellion, as does Kathy.

BTW, I think Lucy Merriam (Emma) is doing a GREAT job lately!

If Emma is curled up into a ball in a hospital room, WTF is Ryan sitting OUTSIDE the room in the hallway with Erica??? You don't bring your child to the emergency room and then just leave her there alone!!!

I'm glad to see that at least ONE person on the show (Zach) keeps his gun(s) in a SAFE.

Why does Tad keep quipping about TVs? First he makes a big deal about installing a digital converter (even though he undoubtedly has cable and/or satellite, which is already digital), and then jokes about Amanda buying him a flat-screen TV (after she knocks over and breaks Taylor's TV). Why does this bug me? Because I distinctly remember him setting up a complicated digital TV/home theater (did Jamie set it up for him?), so unless that TV broke (which he would, of course, immediately replace with a NEW digital TV), it's all just for show (so to speak).

Didn't Amanda say that the window was open, so she just climbed in to be with the baby? Setting aside for a moment the utter stupidity of that action, why was the window open in the middle of the night? "Close the windows and lock the doors." That's Home Security 101 and most CHILDREN know that rule, so why doesn't the Lieutenant-who-can-kill-(and-HAS-killed)-a-man-with-her-bare-hands know that? Apparently she thinks that closing the blinds is all the security that is necessary, despite the fact that a baby-obsessed asshole is obsessed with finding THAT BABY. I'll give her this, though -- the blinds ARE still closed, even though it's a few hours later, which is more than I expected. If she and Tad decide to have sex, though, the blinds WILL be open -- it's apparently written into the condo Homeowners Association bylaws that the blinds MUST be open if people are going to be having sex.

After everything that's gone down, is Zach going to go shoot someone ELSE so that BOTH he and Kendall end up in prison? And how, exactly, does that work out best for the boys who will be stuck being raised by a a woman who insists that they call her Mama's Mama? I'm sure the inappropriate clothing, stiletto heels, hallucinations and copious perfume will be a comfort to them, though.

Are Taylor and Tad going to let the baby sleep on top of Amanda on the couch all night? That's not exactly a safe situation, either.

Unless he has a degree in child psychology, I don't see how it would be legal for the D.A. to force an interview with a traumatized child. It's not like the information has to be elicited from her RIGHT THAT SECOND, and it should be done by someone who specializes in interviewing children.

Why didn't the alarm go off when Annie went out to the patio to investigate the broken flower-pot?

What is Zach hoping to accomplish by shooting through the patio window/door?

Robin "is he going to plant the gun on Annie & to make it look like she tried to kill Adam?" Coutellier

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