Thursday, July 23, 2009

BC - Tue, 7/21/09


Why would Jake and Amanda bring the baby to TAD's house? I mean, David walks in there on his own more often than he goes to the bathroom. Why didn't he just put Amanda and the baby up in a hotel somewhere under an assumed name? Or just have Amanda and the baby stay with the nanny (who seems to be quite accommodating, even if she DID totally ignore Jake and Amanda)? They could go bunk with Kelsey or Tara while Jake worked and told people that Amanda went off to grieve with her brother -- ANYTHING other than taking the baby to the one place where David is SURE to pop up uninvited.

Erica tells Ryan that she's been to prison, so she certainly knows what Kendall is facing. Uh, so does Kendall, who also happens to be a convicted felon (perjury landed her at least 2 years in the State pen, where she met JaNut From Another Planet).

When did seagulls start hanging around the Chandler estate? We had seagulls circling the field at my high school in San Jose (we're not REAL far from the SF Bay, but not real close, either), so the fact that seagulls are there is not that big a deal, but today is the first time I've HEARD seagulls (as opposed to the standard bird chirps they usually use). How long before we find out that Adam's boathouse is actually a private dock on the Pennsylvania Ocean?

How much you want to bet that the fact that Kendall was willing to plea to a lesser charge in exchange for a 10-year sentence comes out at trial? It's not SUPPOSED to come out (take the David Westerfield/Danielle Van Dam trial, for instance), but I bet it DOES.

Robin "along with a slew of other inadmissible evidence & testimony" Coutellier

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