Tuesday, July 14, 2009

BC - Fri, 7/10/09

Madison tells Zach to come and: "I HAVE something that I think you'll find very INteresting." Was I the only one who thought that the way she said it was a TOTALLY soapy moment? I could easily see that line being said just that way when the two soap characters appear on Craig Ferguson's show.

Are we supposed to believe that Erica and Ryan are too stupid to get out of the sprinklers fast enough AFTER picking up their phones? I mean, REALLY, how wet could they have gotten? Did they REALLY get so soaked that they both needed to completely remove their clothes? They were SPRINKLERS, not opened fire hydrants! Sheesh! And why did they go all the way back to Ryan's place to dry out when Erica has a room right THERE at the Yacht Club? (that's a rhetorical question, as most of my questions ARE)

And speaking of deliberately leaving the phones on the lawn, who DOES that? It's one thing to set them down while you're still THERE, but they went out on a sailboat. ANYONE could have stolen their phones. Considering that they are both Titans Of Industry, you'd think there would be some valuable information on those phones. The phones, themselves were probably expensive, but that wouldn't mean anything to the two TOI. Things like Warren Buffet's private phone number, and God knows what kind of photos, OTOH, could mean quite a bit.

On the subject of watering lawns, why would the Yacht club water the grass smack in the middle of a hot day in July when there are people all over the place instead of in the evening or early morning? I only mention the people being around because water conservation or utility bills would, of course, never occur to them.

Robin "phoning it in" Coutellier

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