Sunday, June 28, 2009

BC - Fri, 6/26/09

This is actually from Thursday's show: Why is Scott wearing a suit? Unless he's meeting with people, it strikes me as odd. I suppose he has to project a corporate image, but I thought he wanted to CHANGE the corporate image.

For someone who is clandestinely listening in on Annie's conversation with a shrink, Ryan sure isn't hiding very well. Who stands directly in front of an uncovered portion of a window, staring in, just to listen? And why is the curtain blowing to indicate that the window is open when the window is obviously SHUT?

I know she's just acting to create a diversion, but Liza is REALLY laying it on thick! For a 40-something woman who's already had one child, she sure is acting like a baby! Plus, there would be a LITTLE respite between contractions, so there was no need to keep moaning and groaning and yelling CONTINUOUSLY. Well, except for the diversion aspect. Again, though, David should have seen RIGHT THROUGH it! It was so CHEESY!

What did they do, just go to Babe's grave, dig in and put the urn in it? They only decided to bury the "baby's" ashes with Babe a few minutes before. Do the people who own the cemetery know about the impromptu grave-digging?

I cannot believe Liza is having Colby STAY THERE and hold her hand during her "delivery". This is one of the STUPIDEST things they've ever done on the show! And why, if she's in labor, is she still wearing a SUIT JACKET? I wouldn't be surprised to see that she was still wearing spiked heels.

Colby actually helped deliver Jenny. One would think she might NOTICE a) the difference between a baby that's at least a week old and one fresh out of the womb, b) that the baby is immaculately clean and dry, c) that it's eyes are NOT all squished looking, and d) that there's no umbilical cord attached. I know Colby is S.T.U.P.I.D., but this is ridiculous! If this is how Liza improvises, I sure as hell wouldn't want HER for a lawyer!

Why were Jake and Liza in the BASEMENT?

Tad was driving me crazy the way he kept turning around to look back at the baby in the backseat as he spoke to the oblivious wee one. He talked a lot about how protective he felt, but it seem seem all that protective to ME for him to be constantly taking his eyes off the road. Maybe THAT'S why he got pulled over.

Tidbit: Tad's address is 3420 Canyon Drive.

Robin "that was one STUPID episode" Coutellier

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