Thursday, June 18, 2009

BC - Mon-Tue, 6/15-16/09

How many of you about choked when Tad told Liza that "Your daughter is nothing if not incredibly BRIGHT ..."? She's about as bright as a nightlight with an energy-saving 4-watt bulb.

The baby DOES kind of look like David. Maybe it's the little tiny scowl.

Oh, I guess Kendall is NOT wearing a cocktail dress -- it just looked like it from the top up, along with lots of jewelry. To stay by the side of her recuperating baby.

If Frankie didn't want to face the people who know him yet, why did he go to CONFUSION, where everyone in town goes?

I thought Kendall came to Ryan's apt to pick up a few things. She just walked out after getting upset and didn't take a thing with her. Now she'll have to go back again.

Well, obviously the speculations about the mystery patient are true. And that patient just tried to call Ryan until Nurse Ratchett--er--Nurse Gayle intercepted the phone.

Robin "something smells fishy here" Coutellier

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