Friday, June 19, 2009

BC - Wed, 6/17/09

Liza is dong a VERY crappy job of pretending to be pregnant, and ESPECIALLY at being pregnant and ready to pop. You'd think ANYONE would see right through it. She's walking around in her spiked heels and her low-cut dress with a pushup bra. And she's WALKING -- STRUTTING, even! Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows that at that point in a pregnancy, you are leaning backwards trying to balance yourself with the heavy load in front (about 20 lbs -- it's not just the weight of the baby, itself) and are, most likely, WADDLING, at least a little bit. You'll probably have swollen ankles, too. The way she presents herself is TOTALLY bogus! Of course, the pregnancy itself IS totally bogus, but everyone else in town are total idiots not to have figured it out yet. At the very LEAST, David should have figured it out.

David keeps walking into the Martin house and doing nefarious things such as planting bugs. And Jake and Amanda KNOW that. So why do they insist on constantly talking about their baby plans in the living room?

Why is everyone acting like all that has to happen is that Annie is declared "sane" and then she'll be out? If she gets declared "sane", THEN she gets to stand trial for killing her brother, kidnapping, stabbing Erica, etc. And what about Aidan? If/when she spills the beans, he'll be on the hook for aiding and abetting her multiple escapes and the first kidnapping. I'll buy that she was insane when she stabbed Erica. I buy it much LESS when she bludgeoned Richie to death. I don't buy it at ALL when she kidnapped Emma OR kept breaking out of various places. She put WAAAAAAAY too much cunning and planning into most of those acts for her to get off with a plea of insanity.

Robin "she'll probably only get probation, if that" Coutellier

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