Monday, June 22, 2009

BC - Fri, 6/19/09

The D.A.'s escort had quite an attitude, didn't she? She didn't even say a word, yet she came across as arrogant, smug, and self-righteous yet deferential to the D.A. WITHOUT mugging. It was fairly subtle, really. I like her. So far.

Why is Frankie lying in bed wearing a hospital gown? Does he really NEED to be undressed and tucked in a bed for them to do a checkup on his HANDS?

Jesse tells Angie that "what that boy NEEDS is to PROCESS this!" What that boy needs is for his father to stop calling him a BOY, ESPECIALLY now that he's feeling helpless and useless. I know it's a parental thing, and Lord knows it's hard to stop thinking of your adult child as a child, no matter HOW old they get, but I think now might be a good time to at least TRY.

I was THRILLED to hear Liza refer to Ryan as a "grossly negligent father", even if it WAS facetious and in the form of a question.

OMG Annie is actually BATTING HER EYES at Adam. He's such a SAP!

Adam offers his home for Annie to stay while she's out on bail (which he will pay). EXCUSE ME? This woman is a homicidal maniac, even if she DID save Adam's life, so WTF is he inviting her into his home where his little GRANDCHILD lives? What IS his game? Does he think SHE killed Stuart and he's just trying to maneuver her into some kind of cold revenge? If he is, he's hiding it well. WHEW! I was glad to hear the judge echo my concern about Junior Junior living in the same house as Annie! So he boots JAR and Junior Junior out of the house so Annie can stay there. WTF? Now we KNOW there's more to it than doing something out of gratitude and the goodness of his heart. There HAS to be.

Erica to Ryan: "But there is no way in Hell that Adam is going to push out JAR and his little grandson from the mansion just so that Hannibal Lector's little sister can move in!" LOL!

Considering the kind of havoc that's been wreaked at so VERY many Kane family dinners at the Valley Inn, you'd think the staff at the Yacht Club wouldn't be NEARLY as eager to have her as a patron. To be fair, though, most of her appearances at the YC so far have been pretty tame.

I had to laugh at how all the patrons were gawking at the famous Erica, ERICA KANE, though. 1) Most of the time the patrons simply ignore her to the point you can't be sure they even realize that she EXISTS. 2) They're showing only YOUNG people being awestruck in her presence. Most younger people would NOT be so ridiculously starstruck over a woman of Erica's age, no matter HOW good she looks. Plus, this is the YC, not Walmart. The clientele is supposed to be more upscale and, you would think, at least a bit more subtle about their idolatry. I'd buy it a bit more if the starstruck patrons were in at LEAST their 40s, and even then you'd think they would have acquired a little more class by that age than to overtly go gaga over a celebrity in their midst. The way they were portraying it, I'm surprised a herd of teenagers didn't descend upon her, screaming and swooning in the excitement and glamor of it all.

Ah, I see Randi recognizes the good D.A. THAT should come in handy. I have a feeling he's been quite handy, INDEED, when it comes (so to speak) to Randi. Telegraph much?

UGH! That's a BUTT-UGLY top Colby is wearing!

eBabe sure wears shorts a lot. She should wear something else once in a while, lest people think thinking of her as the Peggy Hill of Pine Valley.

Robin "what size shoe does eBabe wear?" Coutellier

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