Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Does Liza have a legal speciality? For instance, is she good at contract law, tax law, corporate law, criminal law, entertainment law, family law, etc.? Maybe she just specialized in PINE VALLEY law.

Did anyone else cringe when Spike, in an impromptu performance, stood up on the couch and reached over the table behind it to grab some blocks? I'm thinking of all the full decanters just sitting there waiting for a toddler to imbibe. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

David insists it won't make any difference if Amanda and Jake get married -- he'll STILL get his child. If it doesn't make any difference, then WHY did he go there to stop the marriage in the first place? More to the point (AGAIN), why hasn't anyone called the police about this person who keeps stalking them, walking into their house, verbally attacking everyone and refusing to leave? They are in serious need of a restraining order. Punching him and tying him up is getting pretty old, and there ARE children in the house. The children should not be exposed to stalking, punching OR tying people up. And where ARE the children? Tad, Krystal and Opal are all there, so where is Jenny? Where is Kathy? Kathy would LOVE to be a flower girl or at least BE there for something like that, especially if she got to dress up. I call B-O-G-U-S!

And why on EARTH would Amanda and Jake want to have their ceremony continue with the bound and gagged David sitting right there? That's not funny and it's CERTAINLY not romantic! Talk about a blight on their wedding!

Watching David sitting there, it occurred to me that if he really wanted to make a splash at the wedding and get back at them, he should pee in the chair they've got him tied to. The least he could do is to muster up a couple of eye-watering farts in the bridal couple's direction.

Erica sweetly commiserates with Annie about being stabbed and how hard it is and how much it hurts. And the blood -- there's SO much blood! Well, maybe for other people, but Erica hardly bled at all when Annie stabbed her.

Where is Annie getting access to false eyelashes while in jail and in the hospital? You'd think they would have sweated and/or rubbed off during her high fever.

Robin "the hospital staff is probably AFRAID to remove her makeup" Coutellier

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