Thursday, June 4, 2009

BC - Tue-Wed, 6/2-3/09

Why is Jack having breakfast with Liza and discussing Kendall's case with her? She's a witness FOR THE STATE/COMMONWEALTH and, as Jack pointed out, will have to testify that she saw Kendall at the Chandler mansion that night. Lawyer's aren't supposed to talk to witnesses for the other side about the case unless they are in a deposition situation. Is HE planning to call her to the stand. I suppose he could talk to her THEN. If not, he's out of line.

Oh, here we GO! Ryan suggests that Kendall and Zach can protect each other by getting remarried because "spouses can't testify against each other". BULLSHIT! That only applies when a couple is married AT THE TIME OF THE CRIME. They were NOT married at the time of the murder, so they CAN be compelled to testify against one another. That is SUCH a cliche!

Well, it looks like I missed most of the first 46 minutes of AMC on Wednesday. When I tried playing it back on my Tivo, I got the first scenes before the intro, then it stayed stuck on the same shadowy image from the intro until 46 minutes into the show. It suddenly started again with Ryan showing a crumpled piece of paper to Emma and Emma saying: "No, I can't tell."

They've made a point of saying Amanda is 7 months pregnant. So why does it look like she's 9 months and the baby has already dropped into position?

I did gather that there are some letters (that apparently have blood on them) and gleaned from Thursday's show that Liza wrote them to Colby all these years and Adam hid them instead of letting Colby know of their existence.

I gather Kendall remarried Zach.

Robin "I would LOVE to have the judge say 'And?'" Coutellier

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