Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BC - Mon - 6/8/09

Why are Kendall and Zach still allowing David anywhere NEAR their precious baby? There ARE other hospitals around where David does NOT have privileges, let alone omnipotent power that allows him to butt into every single case in the hospital whether the patients or others want him to or not. No sooner did I write that then they parted ways, but that means NOTHING as long as Ian is still at PVH. As far as PVH goes, David still goes wherever he wants and does whatever he wants, with no repercussions whatsoever. The fact that another doctor is taking over the case means NOTHING as far as David goes. NOTHING.

David says he thought he was allowed to have an attorney present. Jesse says that he didn't think an innocent man NEEDED an attorney. David says that they DO, if they're being RAILROADED. I have to agree wholeheartedly with David on THAT one, whether he's being railroaded or NOT. If you are hauled in for questioning in a murder investigation, you'd damn well BETTER get yourself an attorney! Of course, David should be smart enough (ESPECIALLY by NOW) to invoke his right to remain silent.

All things considered, Adam sure hasn't shown much grief since the funeral. It's as if the DRUGS were what made him grief-stricken, and now that he's off of them, it's just a sad situation.

Robin "that just does NOT fly with me" Coutellier

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