Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BC - Thu, 6/11/09

Hearing problem or not, for a 3-yr-old, Spike sure doesn't talk very well. The triplets who play him turned 3 a couple of months ago, which surprises me, because they all seem a lot younger.

Jake mused about what Paulo would say to Consuela on their telenovela. Nothing. Her name is Consue-LO. I'm guessing Paulo is the one who crashed the wedding of Marco and Consuelo.

I am just REALLY uncomfortable with this whole storyline of Amanda thinking that she has to give away her baby because of David. Yeah, he's going to hound her and her child for the rest of their lives, but what if she gives the baby away and then David dies 2 years later? Then she'll have given her beloved baby away for nothing! All she REALLY has to do is tell her mother about it (assuming they didn't kill off JaNut and forget to tell us about it, which they seemed to be hinting at the other day). JaNut WOULD find a way to permanently solve the problem, rest assured. Aidan would probably be willing to help her escape. He seems to have an issue with boundaries, after all. And Amanda STILL hasn't had any kind of DNA test to indicate that the baby even IS David's biological child. David is right -- she IS stupid.

Why didn't Ryan STAY with Emma for her visit with Angie at the hospital? Most parents stay with their children for things like that; they don't use the DOCTORS as babysitters. What if Angie had to rush away for a code red or something? Ryan is an incredibly self-centered, neglectful father! He always HAS been ever since he found out he WAS a father. His initial instincts about having children and being a bad father were on target. He may not be physically abusing them, but he's a lousy father, nonetheless.

WTF is Kendall wearing a cocktail dress and a necklace that goes clear down to her BELLY to visit with her toddler who just had heart surgery ... again?

Jack's looking mighty orange. They need to adjust the color of his tanning spray.

I call B-O-G-U-S on Opal having all of Tad's old toys in a storage locker. He didn't specify whether it was Ruth or Opal that kept them, but I'm pretty sure he meant Opal. Ruth and Joe would have stored that stuff at home and lost it all in the tornado several years back unless it had all been in the basement. Opal and Jenny came to town on a bus with almost NOTHING but the clothes on their backs. There is NO WAY Opal would have been paying for a storage locker all these years. She might have been able to afford it after marrying Palmer or Mr. Purdy but NOT before then. Her worldly goods would have been LONG gone, and she would never have been able to afford most of that stuff in the first place when Tad OR Jenny were kids.

And speaking of those toys, was that toy gun a foreshadowing or just part of the writers' continuing fascination with showing guns on the show in whatever way and as often as they possibly can?

That's a MIGHTY clean and dry baby for being fresh out of the womb. That had to hurt! Amanda might want to consider using a lubricant in the future.

So, how will they find out that Jake is really the father of Amanda's baby (assuming that he IS)? Will they go the baby-needs-a-transfusion route? How about a birthmark? Maybe it will need a bone-marrow transplant. Maybe Joe or Ruth will say that the baby is the IMAGE of Jake when he was a baby. Or maybe they'll just figure out that there's no way that baby arrived "early". Then again, Jake didn't seem to notice it. David is right -- Jake IS stupid.

Robin "will they call the baby 'Trevor'?" Coutellier

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