Monday, June 8, 2009

BC - Fri, 6/5/09

That Pine Valley Bulletin is SUCH a rag! I don't know WHY any of it's residents still read it after all these years (habit)? They're right up there with the show's intermittent tabloid paper, The National Intruder.

Frankie has such NICE teeth! I wonder if Randi will have to floss them for him now. Of course, I guess holding his dick to pee (among other things) might be a higher priority.

OT: You know that Viagra commercial where the couple is ferried to a deserted island where they plan to have a day of wild sex (or at least SOME sex)? They show the couple going into the little hut and give the warning about an erection lasting more than four hours and the need to all your doctor if that happens. How are they supposed to call a doctor from a deserted island? Won't they have to wait for the boat to come back?

Robin "put de lime in the coconut" Coutellier

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