Thursday, June 25, 2009

BC - Wed, 6/24/09

Annie needles Erica (right back) about the difference between then; Erica is a convicted felon, whereas Annie is innocent until proven guilty. Erica says she only served a mere four months, whereas Annie is looking at LIFE in prison. Uh, Erica is leaving out the part where she was PREVIOUSLY convicted and served (precious little) time for KIDNAPPING a baby (little Maddie Gray, aka Lil Honey, aka Sonya).

I DID enjoy the sparring between Erica and Annie, although it was ABSURD and contrived for Adam to have invited Erica and not to retract the invitation once he found out that Ryan was going to be her escort.

Robin "Annie should have gotten in a dig about Erica being a GRANDMOTHER" Coutellier

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