Thursday, June 4, 2009

BC - Thu, 6/4/09

Should Tad really be DRIVING so soon after a bullet was removed from his brain?

Since I missed a significant portion of yesterday's show, I don't know much about the letters. I know at this point that they are letters Liza wrote to Colby that Adam hid (why didn't he burn them?), and that they have blood on them. How does everyone know it's STUART'S blood on the letters? Petey rushed in to tell Colby that fact. Did he also have handy-dandy home-built DNA kit that he cooked up in Tad's garage? And if Stuart and Adam are identical twins, won't they have the same DNA? That's not a rhetorical question, I really don't know.

Why is Adam no longer wearing suits every waking moment?

Adam said there's a gun with Kendall's prints on it. Has it been determined yet WHICH gun fired the fatal shot? There were LOTS of guns there that night and prints from multiple people on EACH gun.

Adam tells Ryan that Annie is innocent -- and he'll stake his brother's LIFE on it. Uh, it's a little late for THAT, isn't it?

I can see where Colby got her lack of affect. Does Jamie Luner ever play ANY scene where she doesn't sound like she's completely unaffected by whatever is going on? Liza WAS something of a cold fish, but in a CONSERVATIVE, upper-class kind of way, not in this unperturbed-no-matter-what kind of way. THIS Liza plays everything (no matter WHAT the situation is) like she's placing an order with her broker for a stock trade. She's cool, assertive, and not particularly interested, other than making sure her needs are met.

Robin "why yes, I did have an orgasm -- why are you asking me if I was reviewing my Lacey's bill?" Coutellier

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