Sunday, June 14, 2009

BC - Wed, 6/10/09

David said he had previously stashed a gun in the tunnels and he took that one to shoot Adam, but when he pointed the gun he thought about his children and just couldn't do it. He wasn't thinking about the children when he stashed a LOADED GUN in the tunnels, was he? People often "accidentally" discover the tunnels, and Junior Junior might have observed someone going in or out and decided to investigate himself. Children LOVE to find secret hiding places! Even if David had stashed it high, kids also love to CLIMB and I recall there being chairs here and there in the tunnels.

Oh PUH-LEEASE! Are we REALLY supposed to believe that Tad does not have not only cable or satellite, but a DVR with digital tuning? He's got a Wii, after all, and I recall him trying to set up a digital TV a while back. Still it IS a way to work in a reminder to people that they need a digital converter installed by Friday IF THEY ONLY GET OFF-AIR SIGNALS.

So the Martin household is watching the BIG WEDDING of Marco and Consuelo on their Spanish-language telenovella. Isn't Consue-LO a GUY'S name? I would think a woman would be named Consue-LA. Of course, there ARE a lot of women/girls with names that are traditionally male (my OWN name used to be considered a guy's name), but in Spanish "lo" and "la" or just "o" and "a" at the end of words/names are usually distinctive precisely because that is their PURPOSE. It's like naming me "Robin-Female" or Christopher Robin "Christopher Robin-Male". Of course, that's kind of nit-picky, especially when you consider that the name of the bride and groom together come out to be Marco Consuelo, which brings up unpleasant memories of Maturdo (aka Mateo).

Today's HIPAA violations: 1) Aidan walks up to Angie and asks about Annie and Angie gives him medical information about Annie's condition (infection from the jailhouse shiv, but antibiotics will clear it up). 2) Adam walks up, asks about Annie's condition and Angie tells HIM about it (with JAR standing nearby). Then she tells Adam he can go in to visit Annie. Uh, Annie IS still a prisoner, right?

Considering that Aidan has helped Annie escape over and over again, why is JAR pointing out to him all the ways his father is vulnerable if a desperate woman like Annie wanted to take advantage of him?

Erica muses about Adam becoming fixated on a crazy woman. Uh, Erica, he's fixated on YOU often enough, and Lord knows you aren't the most stable woman in Pine Valley. For that matter, Adam is pretty damn neurotic in his own right.

WTF? Amanda and Opal are talking as if Janet were DEAD! The last I knew, she was locked up in a loony bin somewhere. Am I missing something? We all know TREVOR is dead (at Janet's hands), of course. I wonder if Amanda is even going to TELL Tim about her marriage. Doesn't he have a cellphone?

Kendall says the D.A. thinks they tried to outsmart him by getting married. Uh, Kendall, you DID try to outsmart him by getting married.

How was it that Adam delayed Annie's treatment? Isn't she ALREADY getting antibiotics? He DID delay treatment of OTHER patients by taking doctors away from them. Besides, Board of Directors or not, he has NO SAY in Annie's treatment -- NONE! It's none of his f**king BUSINESS in the first place! MAJOR HIPAA violations!

And there's Dr. Dave, showing up at the Martin house just in time to object to the wedding of Amanda and Jake.

Robin "Don't these people EVER lock their front door?" Coutellier

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