Monday, August 3, 2009

BC - Thu & Fri, 7-30 & 7-31-09

O-M-G -- WHY is Emma still taking up space in the HOSPITAL? Does she need IV fluids? Does she need her heart and/or blood pressure monitored? Does she have an open wound (an ax in the head, perhaps) that needs stitching up? No, she's just lying down and refusing to talk to anyone except when it suits her. She's not even in the pediatrics ward! I would think it would be even MORE traumatizing for her to be in a busy hospital where most people (including her father) are IGNORING her and everyone else keeps walking in and interrogating her.

I'm glad to see that at least ERICA managed to make a space for an actual OFFICE instead of sitting in the middle of the tacky office. Not that being surrounded by photos of herself isn't tacky, of course.

According to Adam, Natalia is still a cadet. So why did SHE deliver the news of the death of the D.A. to the D.A.'s wife? Why was she even AT the investigation at a MURDER scene? Why is she doing anything at ALL as part of the PVPD other than desk duty and some ride-alongs?

Robin "talk about nepotism" Coutellier

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