Monday, August 3, 2009

BC - Mon, 8/3/09

I see Taylor still isn't locking her DOOR, either. Tad just walked on in. I'll cut them a little slack today and choose to think that Tad has his own key, which WOULD make sense in the current scenario. Then I kept watching and Amanda (who also would have a reason to have a key) just walked on in (without using a key). So we're back to Taylor not locking her door. Idiot.

Why doesn't anyone on a soap ever worry about wrecking the blinds by suddenly yanking them apart to peer out as if the blinds were made out of rubberbands? They do that all the time. Most of the time they are "peeking" out to spy on people or see if they are in danger. I've had blinds in my abode off and on -- you can easily slide ONE slat slightly out of place and see out without damaging anything -- you don't need to suddenly bend and spread a bunch of slats so that you have 6" of open space to see through. In this case, Kendall was doing it in the interrogation room (again with inappropriate/weapons-potential items in an interrogation room), so she wouldn't necessarily care about wrecking them, but I know she'd do it at home, too.

Does Liza plan to cross-examine Emma? They can't just spring a witness without giving the other side time to prepare. No one likes to cross-examine a child or a mother -- they are usually biased and it is VERY easy to look like you are beating up on someone who is very vulnerable. Many mothers of serial killers will tell you that their son is a good boy or brag about their various skills which, by themselves might, indeed, be admirable ("my son is an EXCELLENT carpenter and he's VERY good with computers!"), but they might also be of interest as far as M.O.s go (he built a very high-quality guillotine, along with an spiffy soundproofed underground bunker which he monitors 24 hours a day with a webcam, microphones and motion-sensing equipment, and he archives every second of every day in the bunker on high-capacity, solid-state hard drives).

If Emma has been discharged, why isn't Ryan with her? Oh, and she was NOT catatonic for several days, as Liza asserted. She refused to talk, but the key word there is REFUSED. She was perfectly alert, cognizant of her surroundings and willing to talk when it suited her.

They managed to seat a DEATH-qualified jury within the space of about 10 minutes? You can't even get a shoplifting-qualified jury selected in less than at LEAST a couple of hours, if not half a day (possibly longer if you are Winona Rider). Jury selection for the average murder trial takes several days and maybe even longer if it's a big case.

Oh puh-leeze! Why would a courthouse have a bathroom with an easily-opened window, especially considering a) how often prisoners escape, and b) the fact that most people have to go through a metal detector to get into a courthouse?

That is one sneezy little baby. He sneezed in a scene last week, too. Maybe he's allergic to unsecured homes -- he's in for a VERY sneezy future, if that's the case.

Going on the run with a child who wears a Cochlear Implant will make it a little harder to go incognito. I can just see it now: Be on the lookout for an exceptionally skinny, big-eyed woman wearing scanty clothing that reveals a heart transplant scar. She may be accompanied by a toddler (male) and a 3-yr-old (male) -- the 3-yr-old may have an auditory assistance device attached to his left ear and he often babbles like an incoherent toddler.

Did you notice Ryan scratching his head near the end of the show? He did it so vigorously that it made me wonder if he had head-lice. It also IMMEDIATELY reminded me of his occasional chimpanzee mannerisms

Robin "Quick! Douse him in kerosene! What? No, he doesn't have head-lice; why do you ask?" Coutellier

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