Monday, August 24, 2009

BC - Fri, 8/21/09

At the beginning of the show Erica wakes up in response to Krystal's entreaties. Erica sees the scorpion on Krystal's chest and she said: "Oh my God!", followed by what sounded like squeals. The closed-captioning, however, said:

"Oh my God!" [Gas]

Okay, now THAT is funny! If the CC is to be believed, Erica was initially so frightened that the scorpion might sting Krystal that she actually farted (or at least that's what the script called for). A fart in response to that stupid scorpion bit is actually a pretty astute commentary in and of itself.

Angie tells Jesse that a lie is a lie, unless it's saving the person you love. Uh, no, it's STILL a lie -- it just means you've rationalized it.

Why isn't Erica's makeup instantly melting off of her face in the African heat? Doesn't she even sweat? Not even a teeny-tiny bit?

Kendall said that, for so long, she thought she belonged in prison, but she doesn't feel that way anymore. For "so long"? Has it even been a month since she even realized that she probably killed Stuart?

Robin "Kendall has the attention span of a flea" Coutellier

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