Monday, August 31, 2009

BC - Wed, 8/26/09

TAN/OT: Well, I'm FINALLY done with the move! Well, me and my stuff are here (about 2/3 of which is now in storage), it's not "done" by a long shot. Today is more about staring off into space with exhaustion, hobbling around (only when necessary) and marveling at the fact that we did NOT actually drop dead (or even faint) due to heat stroke because moving day happened to be on THE HOTTEST F**KING DAY OF THE YEAR!!! On the plus side, the Comcast tech comes out on Monday with a cable box for me, and then I'll get SoapNet!

Angie wants to admit JAR to run some tests. "What KIND of tests?" he asks. Angie: "Exploratory." Uh, yeah, isn't that pretty much the DEFINITION of a test when it comes to medical procedures? I was pleased that he asked her to be more specific. I've never had a doctor tell me that he/she needs to run some tests, but not tell me what the tests ARE or, at the very least, what they are FOR.

Randi dances and coos over baby Trevor. I wonder how big her smile will be when her adorably rips her dangling, dancing earrings right out of their holes.

Now David has a roaring fire in HIS fireplace. In August. These people are INSANE! I'm doing what I can to avoid bursting into flames or melting into an unrecognizable puddle of goo and they're setting fires in their living rooms in order to sit in front of said fires for the purpose of romance or coziness.

Tidbit: Zach and Kendall's address is: 33 Treeline Circle.

Robin "how big is their circle?" Coutellier

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