Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BC - Mon, 8/10/09

Annie asks Ryan if he knows how to fix an air-conditioner. Actually, I recall him working on the air-conditioner at Holidays (formerly the tacky roadhouse out in boonies (run by Billy The Bartender), which was bought by Hayley and Mateo, renovated and moved into and out of the PV Mall on occasion. It was one of the occasions of Ryan helping out by fixing things where Mateo got very jealous (and viscious) regarding Hayley.
I'm glad to see that Erica, at least, has some sense as far as Rachel goes.

That was an intimate gesture on Scott's part to put his hand on Annie's shoulder and arm as Ryan left. It was supposed to be caring and protective, but it creeped me out -- that was NOT a "friend" kind of pat/caress.

So what's Adam's "small problem"? I'm guessing it's erectile dysfunction. Looks like I guessed right, too Although, with his heart problems, he may not be a candidate for the little blue pill.

Why is everyone so worried about Zach isolating himself and his isolation affecting the children? Kendall has been in jail less than 24 hours -- Jesus, give him a LITTLE time to adjust! I still strongly disagree with him firing Rachel, but I don't think everyone should start freaking out over his behavior in such a short time.

They did a pretty good makeup (or perhaps LACK of makeup) job on eBabe -- she definitely looks wan and like she's recuperating from recent surgery.

I was also a little creeped out by Scott saying good guys finish last and girls always go for the bad guys. I'm not creeped out by the way he said it or anything like that -- I'm creeped out because last night I watched some videos on YouTube about George Sodini, the guy who shot into a gymnasium last week , killing several people before killing himself. There are a couple of videos he made as part of his dating workshop on how to get younger women to like him:
From there I ended up at a site by a vampy woman named Carly who had some video links and some interesting insights into the videos Sodini made, comments left on his videos and a book on his coffee table. She was particularly interested in the connection between Sodini and Don Steele, who runs the Dating Workshop Sodini attended:
During that a Right Attitude workshop video (on older men attracting younger women), Steele asserts that nice guys finish last and girls like bad boys.

David advises eBabe to look at JAR's history and not to fall into the traps that he's made and that Babe fell into time and time again. Uh, Pot, Kettle. All she has to do is look at DAVID'S track record and traps, only a small FRACTION of which would make the average person run away shrieking in fear, loathing or, at the very least, extreme annoyance and distaste. David goes on to say JAR is WAY too messed up for anyone to fix. Again, Pot, Kettle.

I'm assuming Kendall is daydreaming about reunited with Zach. Of course, given that this is AMC, it's also possible that some sort of arrangement WAS made.

Robin "PV justice is swift, both in the imposition AND the disposition" Coutellier

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